Perioral Dermatitis Treatment

How to Cure Perioral Dermatitis Fast?

How to Cure Perioral Dermatitis Fast

For anyone who is experiencing dry, scaly, and itchy skin due to Perioral Dermatitis, you are most likely desperate to know how to cure this irritating skin condition. You have probably tried many over-the-counter topical creams and cleansers. Unfortunately, they only provide temporary relief. You also may suffer from an infection at the source of your skin problem.

The source of your skin problem could be a prolonged exposure to harsh detergents, chemicals, and cosmetics. It could also be from a few sunburns over the years. No matter what the cause of your problem, it can be treated if it is diagnosed in its early stages. Here’s how:

Get Rid of Clothing Encounters

While we all understand that you need to take off your work clothes and lay off your comfy clothes for a while when you are treating your skin condition, you must remember to put them away. All the dirt and grime will just end up back on your body. Also, make it a point not to shower after going to work.

Deodorant, Mask, or Halter

In your quest of how to heal this irritating skin problem, you will need to make a few changes in your personal hygiene routine. Instead of using deodorant every time you wash your face, try using a medicated soap. Consider a product like Exposed Cleanse, which does not contain any harsh chemicals. Use a mask once a week to cleanse your skin and cure your acne problem. You can use a halter to cover your shoulders and chest. This prevents dirt from getting into your pores.

Change Your Clothes

You will notice that you don’t have as much oil on your body after taking care of this problem. Wear loose clothing made of cotton. You might also want to use air-tight clothes to make sure that no dust particles are left in your clothes. Don’t forget to always dry yourself with a clean towel.


In order to fight the problem, you must take a proper diet. It is important to reduce your daily intake of junk foods. Try eating more fruits, vegetables, and drinking lots of water. Try to avoid sodas and alcoholic beverages as much as possible.

Take Care of Your Skin

Make sure that you are drinking enough water. You must also engage in regular exercise. Avoid using harsh soaps that contain harsh chemicals. If you can’t stand to shower with extreme cold, you can try sunbathing. Just make sure that you are wearing protective clothes.

Watch Out For Foreign Objects

When treating perioral dermatitis, make sure you don’t touch your eyes or mouth with your hands. Touching these areas will transfer the bacteria on to your skin. In addition to this, make sure your clothes aren’t too tight. The tightness will irritate the skin further.

Visit A Doctor

Many dermatologists prescribe antibiotics for cases like this. These medications help to get rid of the bacteria that cause dermatitis. Antibiotics are usually prescribed for 3 weeks. If the antibiotics seem to be having no effect, or if you find that they are causing unwanted side effects, you can try switching to topical creams or moisturizers.

Now, all you need to do is follow these tips and see results quickly. Don’t give up if it takes time. Keep at it and soon you will be able to say goodbye to your dermatitis once and for all.

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