About Perioral Dermatitis

How Does Perioral Dermatitis Occur?

How Does Perioral Dermatitis Occur

How does perioral dermatitis occur? In fact, perioral dermatitis can be defined as a fungal infection of the peritoneal membrane “the lining of the abdominal cavity” itself. This lining is derived from the lining of the mouth; and, in fact, if you have peritoneal dermatitis, you will have a mouth yeast infection.

The reason that this is noteworthy is because, while oral yeast infections are generally considered to be a relatively rare cause of halitosis (bad breath), they may well be the underlying cause of halitosis for a great many people.

Perioral dermatitis background

Peritoneal dermatitis, then, is essentially a disturbance of the delicate basal layer of skin in the abdomen. This layer includes the pouch of fine hair and acts as a sentinels’ shield between the skin and the tissue from which it is derived. If this layer of skin is afflicted by fungus, it can lay ten or more pounds of waste material, and so may well be responsible for the odorous reputation of halitosis.

What are the typical symptoms of peritoneal dermatitis?

As with any type of fungal infection, the early symptoms of peritoneal dermatitis are skin infection and/or rash, then develop to reveal soreness and contracted redness of the anal skin. The necessary treatment then is to wash the affected area, and massage it vigorously to allow the cleansing ointment to do its job.

What makes it more dangerous?

Many people believe that they have a cold and that it makes peritoneal dermatitis much worse. In fact, that is simply not the case. Simply put, the yeast which causes peritoneal dermatitis cannot be seen by the naked eye. The accompanying pictures of peritoneal dermatitis are those of what is happening from above, and so it is very difficult to identify. Usually (not always), people are asymptomatic until they develop the requisite bad breath, and then they may well have a cold.

What are the quick cures for peritoneal dermatitis?

In treated patients, the myriad ways to clear up peritoneal dermatitis may beogged by petroleum-based products whose only long-term benefit is to delay appendix expulsion. Organ dismature is also a consideration that leads many physicians to choose medication to slow down the Digestive Enzymes of the skins, as is seen to refresh the lining of one’s intestines

It is important to prevent the rash from occurring. It is best to avoid getting personal contact with the sharing of washcloths, towels and similar items with the affected person. If they bath, use separate towels. One may also prevent the rash by covering the neds with petroleum jelly.

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