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Can You Treat Perioral Dermatitis with Plain Yogurt?

Can You Treat Perioral Dermatitis with Plain Yogurt

You may have asked yourself this question many a time; Can You Treat Perioral Dermatitis with Plain Yogurt? After all, the usual medications usually recommended for treating acne are pretty expensive, and they tend to give you pretty bad side-effects as well. Many people have also found it difficult to apply these medications on their skin, because of the natural texture of most types of yogurt.

But yogurt, as we all know, is a great ingredient that helps in treating skin conditions without any negative or adverse side-effects. So, if you’re suffering from a breakout of pimples and zits, you’d better go to your nearest bathroom and get yourself a cup of plain yogurt.

Plain yogurt

Plain yogurt is known to contain certain beneficial bacteria that help fight infection, boost the immune system, and promote healthy skin. It is also rich in Lactobacillus Acidophilus, which is a type of bacteria that produces hydrogen peroxide. The excess production of hydrogen peroxide may help to heal your blemishes, but the natural elements found in plain yogurt may also work wonders on your skin.

Effective in preventing future occurrences

Plain yogurt may not be just a remedy for your pimple problem; it is also effective in preventing future occurrences. Yogurt contains certain good bacteria that may fight against bacteria that causes acne. There are also other topical treatments that you can use on your affected area to make sure that you don’t have any flare-ups in the future. For instance, salicylic acid is another very popular treatment, and it helps to unclog pores and dissolve dead skin cells.

You can find this active ingredient in certain facial wash as well

However, this type of treatment should only be used at night, because waking up with a face that is covered with sweat can also be a nightmare. Salicylic acid, on the other hand, is best used in the morning or evening, when you will be able to freshen up before your busy day. You may also want to avoid scrubbing your face too hard, because this can irritate your skin, as well.

It may be a good idea to go to your doctor first

Although it has not been proven, some people believe that yogurt can cure certain medical conditions. If you want to try this as an alternative to prescription medications, then it may be a good idea to go to your doctor first. Some of the conditions that yogurt is known to treat include irritable bowel syndrome, depression, food allergies, and even arthritis. If you decide to try yogurt to treat perioral dermatitis, then you should start by consuming about two cups every day. However, you should only use plain, non-sweetened yogurt.

In addition, you may experience a variety of symptoms when you are treating yourself at home. Some of these include swelling, redness, and itching. Fortunately, the treatment for your condition should not require any type of bandage or creams. You may only need to wear loose clothing to keep the area dry. In addition, if the area does become too warm, you can simply apply a thin layer of baby oil or lotion.

To answer the question “can you treat perioral dermatitis with plain yogurt? “, the answer is definitely yes. By using plain yogurt, you can clear up your skin quickly and effectively.

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