Perioral Dermatitis Treatment

Calendula Cream for Perioral Dermatitis

Calendula Cream for Perioral Dermatitis

Calendula cream for perioral dermatitis: Calendula is an evergreen, perennial plant commonly found in Europe and the United States. In fact, it grows all over the world, except for the arid regions. This oil-like extract is used to manufacture calendula creams for dermatitis and other skin conditions, as well as a range of other beauty and health products.

Calendula roots have been shown to have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, astringent, and anti-inflammatory properties that make it a perfect remedy for skin problems.

Calendula is one of nature’s true miracles

Calendula Cream for Perioral Dermatitis
Unlike most plants, which need almost continual water to survive, calendula thrives by being either wet or dry. You can use calendula cream for perioral dermatitis as much as you want; it will not dry out your skin. In fact, as the calendula cream soaks into your skin, the water starts to evaporate, leaving behind a soft, velvety feel.

Because of this unique characteristic of calendula, the product has a dual purpose. First, it helps to moisturize dry, scaly skin; but second, when used topically, it helps to soothe irritated areas, as well as healing old, sun-damaged skin.

As previously mentioned, many cosmetic products contain oils, waxes, extracts, or extracts derived from plants. Calendula is not one of these products. While it has similar properties to many plant oils, such as lanolin, capric acid, and witch hazel, it does not cause irritation, itching, or any type of allergic reaction.

Furthermore, because it is antifungal, calendula cream for perioral dermatitis may even help to prevent some types of fungal infections. When used in combination with essential oils, calendula creams for sensitive skin are also known to have some medicinal qualities.

Used as an antiseptic

Calendula Cream for Perioral Dermatitis
In addition to treating dry and itchy skin, calendula is also used as an antiseptic. Its active ingredient, calendula officinalis, contains substances that can both relieve itching and soothe irritation associated with dermatitis.

Many experts agree that it is calendula oil, rather than calendula gel, which are most effective when treating dermatitis. Gel may only help to relieve symptoms, while oil can get deeper into the affected area to treat deeper sores.

Eliminates toxins from the body

Calendula Cream for Perioral Dermatitis
Many cosmetic companies use the laxative qualities of calendula to help eliminate toxins from the body. This action works particularly well for people with food allergies, since the oil is antifungal and can be used topically on the bottom of the feet to keep fungi from growing on them. Calendula is also used in diaper ointment because it can soothe the irritated areas and stop diaper rash.

There are other medicinal qualities found in calendula, including calendula’s ability to protect the skin and prevent bacterial infections. For these reasons, some individuals find that calendula cream for perioral dermatitis is helpful for healing of the sores.

Soothes inflammation

Calendula Cream for Perioral Dermatitis
Other perioral dermatitis symptoms can include inflammation, which occurs when bacteria invade the epidermis and causes lesions or blisters. The calendula can soothe inflammation and bring relief, although it will not prevent a recurrence of the condition.

Some recommend that calendula be used on a day-to-day basis, with a light application at bedtime. People with severe symptoms should consult with a physician or dermatologist, who can advise the best course of action for treating dermatitis.

Purchasing calendula cream

Calendula Cream for Perioral Dermatitis
When purchasing calendula cream for perioral dermatitis, look for a fragrance that compliments the soothing properties of the plant. It has a subtle, pleasant smell, and is not irritating to the skin. Some people also prefer calendula creams without fragrance because they don’t want their fragrance to overwhelm the plant and cause an allergic reaction. However, if you are sensitive to fragrances, try to find calendula creams without any added fragrance.

It is important that people with perioral dermatitis take calendula care seriously. If possible, keep the affected area moisturized, as this can ease itching, dryness, and irritation. Calendula is safe to use daily, and there are no known side effects. Look for calendula cream for perioral dermatitis that suits your needs and burns off quickly to relieve your dermatitis.

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