Perioral Dermatitis Treatment

Best Moisturizer for Perioral Dermatitis

Best Moisturizer for Perioral Dermatitis

Finding the best moisturizer for perioral dermatitis may be difficult, particularly if you’re not up on your dermatologist’s terms. That’s because it can be hard to know what qualifies as an effective moisturizer. You might assume that a product that contains petrolatum, mineral oil or even paraffin wax would work since these ingredients have been used to successfully moisturize dry skin.

Unfortunately, it’s best to begin your search in your local pharmacy, but be certain to look at the ingredients of any other topical lotion you plan to buy. Here’s why:

Paraffin wax

It is actually the base ingredient in many petroleum-based moisturizers and is included in some forms of makeup. Unfortunately, it is also among the most drying agents that can be found in cosmetics. While it can help moisture enter the pores of your skin, it can do just the opposite by stripping it out of the epidermis. That leads to clogged pores, which ultimately lead to breakouts.

Mineral oil

Mineral oil, which is often included in body oil, can benefit dry skin, as it can form a protective layer against the elements. However, it isn’t compatible with human skin and doesn’t nourish the skin at all. It actually promotes the growth of more dirt and grime, meaning that more dead skin cells are collected on the face. This can eventually lead to blackheads, pimples, and even acne.

Avocado oil

One cream that I would highly recommend for people suffering from dry skin is one that contains avocado oil. Avocado oil is rich in sterling, which are a natural moisturizing ingredient. It also has vitamins A, D, and E as well as essential fatty acids, which are important to keeping the skin healthy. What makes this particular cream the best moisturizer for perioral dermatitis is that it also contains Shea butter, another moisturizing ingredient that can help heal the dermatitis. With all of these ingredients, the results will clearly show.

Functional keratin

In addition to the best moisturizer for perioral dermatitis, there is another ingredient that can also provide some relief. Functional Keratin has been shown in clinical trials to increase skin cell proliferation. This ingredient also stimulates the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. This allows the skin to fill out, which helps reduce the wrinkles and fine lines that are characteristic of the disease. The formula also tightens the sagging skin around the eye so that you have smoother looking skin.

Moisturizer made with natural ingredients

The best moisturizer for perioral dermatitis is going to be a moisturizer made with natural ingredients. There are a few benefits of using creams made with natural ingredients. For starters, they are more compatible with human skin, and tend to cause fewer allergic reactions. They can actually heal the dermatitis faster than moisturizers that contain petroleum-based ingredients. Finally, natural creams are generally more affordable than their petroleum-based counterparts.

The typical moisturizing cream for perioral dermatitis contains petrolatum or mineral oil. These ingredients will not penetrate the skin. They clog the pores, interfere with exfoliation, and can eventually cause skin irritation. If you suffer from dry skin, you know how frustrating it can be to get rid of dry patches of skin. Moisturizers that include petrolatum can even leave your skin feeling greasy.

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